Jordanian Sand Art


     Yesterday I ate out at an organic restaurant for lunch with a friend of mine. The restaurant has just opened recently. It is buffet. The cost is a little bit expensive for me, but you can eat anything as you like there. I selected mainly vegetables.

     After lunch, she and I went to a shopping center to see two Jordanian sand artists. They were very popular during Expo last year because of their skills of sand art. Their works are wonderful. In a small bottle, the desert and camels are born quickly by their hands. It is amazing.

     One of them let me experience making one a little. It was difficult for me to create a tiny bird in a small bottle.

     The two artists are brothers. They are nine brothers. All of them are the sand artists. Their father started making this art in Jordan.

     Because I had visited Jordanian Pavilion at Expo many times last year, maybe over thirty times, I felt a longing for people who had worked at the pavilion during Expo. How have Maisoon, Hasan, Shady, Emran, Muhannad, Jacoup, and Husein been…?

     The friend who went to the shopping center tried to make one bottle by herself there. Of course, one of the artists helped her with making it though, she was able to get an original one. I bought one…


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