Tokyo: the power stoppage


     From last Saturday to Monday I was in Tokyo, where some of my relatives live. When I got to Nishiogi station last Saturday, it started raining. I decided to wait for stopping raining at a coffee shop. I ordered a cup of medium size coffee and a bagel sandwich. While enjoying the light meal there, it was raining cats and dogs, and then it started thundering. 

     Many people got together at the coffee shop to take shelter from the storm. So the small coffee shop was filled up soon. Most of them shared tables with somebody who they didn’t know.

     All of sudden, the power went out. The light went off, the air conditioner stopped, and the silence came.

     Clerks couldn’t even sell coffee because their coffee was made by a coffee machine. You know, both of coffee machine and their cash register work by power. Of course their automatic doors didn’t open. Strange to say, everyone spoke in whispers.  Most of the people who were at the coffee shop looked being suffocated. After about 5 minutes, the power came. Everything revived.

     Last Monday morning, I was surprised when I turned on the TV. There was turmoil. The power had gone out in a wide range of Tokyo and it influenced over 2.3milion people. Many trains couldn’t move, many people were shut in the trains and elevators. As the traffic lights went off, the police were directing traffic on the streets. I had to change the time when I was going to take the train to come back to Nagoya.

     This time, my trip to Tokyo began with the power stoppage and also finished with the power stoppage.


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