The first course finished

       Last Friday the first summer intensive course finished. I had a really wonderful time together with my classmates and teacher in the class room this time, too. I made many new friends there. I like such courses because I can not only study English but also make friends every time.

     In the course, on the first day we learned some skills for expressing own opinions and thought what success was. And then we announced our own thoughts of success in turn.

     On the second day we made presentations. Each student explained about something with process. My topic was job hunting for undergraduates. In Japan undergraduates have to climb up many steps to get jobs.


Job Hunting for Undergraduates

Junior     April

Take counseling for finding a job at placement office of the university.


Study about each corporations and think of own vocations.


Register internship.

Buy job hunting suits called recruit suits in Japanese and go to hair salon to have your hair dye black.

         July to August

Internship starts.

 September to November

Submit resume called entry sheets to corporations to indicate your will to apply for the job.

December to February

Attend each corporation’s briefings for job applicants.

February to March

Get the knack and secrets of taking job interview under the guidance of instructors at the university.

Senior    April

Go to the student affairs section of the university to get certificates of expectation of graduation, of grades and of health.

Written tests start at corporations.

          April to June

Take job interviews at corporations.

          May to July

Receive notices of informal decision from corporations if you are lucky.


On the third day, we discussed about young men’s thought with an article entitled “Heaven knows I’m miserable now” written by Michael Hoffman. Hoffman wrote it using an article on a magazine named Spa! According to the Spa!, people who think that we are not necessarily unhappy but we are just not happy are increasing. And they say that it is the result that we have pursued happiness, especially materialistically, mimicking once America. Anyway if you believe the article on Spa!, many young men give up living energetically here in Japan.

On the fourth day, we discussed about Japanese media, especially Japanese press clubs called “Kisha Club”. I didn’t know that there were nearly 800 Kisha clubs in Japan until I studied about it this time. Anyway I was able to know that Japanese media is exclusive and closed. Because of that and their self censorship, the news we get every day is controlled, and most of them are just summarized from the information of the sources. It is quite feudal. I was really shocked to know that…

On the final day, we discussed about deepness of racism in Japan. Like many politicians who are in important positions say something stupid, there are many prejudices here in Japan. Of course, racism is included there. My mother, who is 75 years old, has discriminations clearly. Because I am going to write about the topic, I don’t write here this time, but I think Japanese people should think and study about it more.

After the course, I had lunch together with my teacher and some of my classmates. That was wonderful.

My teacher’s and all of my classmates’ knowledge and motivations stimulated me. How lucky I am! I was able to meet such wonderful people! Thank you!


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