August 1st is my mother’s birthday. But I went to Osaka with a friend of mine without celebrating my mother with her birthday on Tuesday the 1st. (I celebrated her yesterday!) 

     Long time ago I had an opportunity to visit Osaka, but I couldn’t have time to see around the town because I was there on business at that time. So for me it could be my first time to hang around in Osaka last Tuesday.

      The friend and I decided to see each other in front of the main gate of Meitetsu in Nagoya Station at 7:30 in the morning that day. We were going to take the train of Kintetsu which left at 8:00 from Nagoya for Namba. But we hardly could meet each other in the morning! We were looking for each other, talking on the cell phone. Finally we were able to fine each other near Nana-chan, a symbolic big statue of Nagoya. And we dashed to the station to catch the train which left for Namba at 8:00.

      When we got to the platform, it was 7:56. We bought small sandwiches and drinks for breakfast in a hurry at a kiosk and boarded the train. We felt relieved when we sat down on our seats. We perspired a lot from early morning.

      First I planned on that we headed for Tsutenkaku, a famous tower in Osaka, when we arrived at Namba. But I changed my mind when I saw a guide book which the friend had in the train. We gave up visiting Tsutenkaku this time, but decided to spend time in Namba area instead because in only Namba there are many places to have fun. 

     In Kintetsu Line, it takes 2hours and about 10minutes to get to Namba from Nagoya. She and I had been talking during the time. Women have many things to talk about!

      When we arrived at Namba, we strolled in a street which has many tool and kind of hardware stores. It was fun that most of the stores were selling special apparatus for making takoyaki. 

     We passed through in front of the theater of Yoshimoto, which is the most famous company of comedians. There were many tourists around there. We were excited to just be there for a while. 

     After that, we headed for Dotombori. There is a river and around it there are many stores. The river is very famous for diving people when something happy happens. But recently the police put high walls on the bridge to prevent people from diving. Some young people tried to crime up and dive from the top of the walls the other day, though…

      It was very hot that day. While I was talking what to do to the friend, she tripped on a block on the ground and fell down. Then a man came to us and said, “Are you OK? How did you fall down? Maybe because of the heat. You two can rest in our building!”

      When we looked up and saw the building he said. There is an old town reproduced Showa era in it. Because we were getting tired and thirsty and perspired a lot, we entered the building. It looked like a set of a movie. There was an old street inside. All of the sales clerks were as if actors. They were wearing old-looking costumes and acted.

      After exploring the building, the friend and I entered a shop along the fake street and ordered some takoyaki and beer. That was great! The beer was really tasty! The takoyaki was really nice!

      Anyway, she and I had strolled in Dotombori area, and before going back home, we had negiyaki and okonomiyaki with beer. We had a really good time in Namba. I’d like to visit Osaka again, especially want to go to Tsutenkaku next time.


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