mixi : Nagoya Tour


     I’ve joined a SNS named mixi. Probably it is the most popular SNS in Japan now. Only the people who have accounts can access it and you cannot register it without the invitation from someone who has already been a member there. 

     In mixi, you can make friends called my mixi there and the friends come to read your diary and leave comments, and you can also visit your friends’ pages and read their diaries and leave comments there. Now the number of my mixi is 55.  

     I was able to join mixi because a friend of mine gave me an invitation. Actually I don’t know the friend exactly. I have never seen him in person before. We don’t know our each personal information at all, not even each name. I just know he lives in Yamagata prefecture and now is 25 years old. But we have known each other in the cyber world for 2 years. 

     Now the number of my real world’s friends of my mixi is about 15. I have never met about 40 people really. But last June I was able to meet one of them. That was a wonderful experience! And last Thursday I was able to see another one in person! 

     The person is a 32 year-old man who lives in Tokyo. Because he was supposed to get to Nagoya before 7:00 in the morning by the night train, a friend of mine, who is also one of my mixi and is one of my mixi of his as well, and I were in Nagoya station around 7:30 in the morning. 

     Nagoya is famous for richness of breakfast at cafés. So, the man who came from Tokyo wanted to try breakfast at a café here in Nagoya. That’s why the friend of mine and I got up early in the morning. 

     She and I took him to a café in Nagoya Station. You can eat boiled eggs and many kinds of breads as you like when you order one drink for 450 yen there. But I don’t think you can eat so much because you cannot get refill.  

     After breakfast we went to Nittai Temple in Kakuohzan because he was interested in it. Nittai Temple is famous for having one piece of Buddha’s bone, which was sent by the kingdom of Thailand. The name of Nittai means Japan and Thailand. There are many old statues of Buddha around the temple as well. We strolled there for a while. Cicadas were noisy under the sun. 

     Because he seemed to be interested in temples and shrines, an idea came up to my mind while walking around Nittai Temple with him. It was to take him to Togan Temple in Motoyama. Motoyama is a next station from Kakuohzan. So the friend of mine and I decided to take him to Togan Temple. 

     Togan Temple is in connection with the father of Oda Nobunaga, one of famous commanders in old Japan. The temple is also famous for a great statue of Buddha and sleeping Benten, a musical goddess. On top of the temple there is a pagoda in which old style wooden statues of a god and a goddess are deified. And there are many statues of snake in the temple. Besides, phallicism remains there. Long time ago, procreation and production were almost the same meanings and they were the best wishes for people. Togan Temple may be a rare temple to keep such ancient worship to the present. 

     After visiting Togan Temple, we headed for Nagoya Castle. We met another friend of us in front of the gate there. I hadn’t been there for long time maybe since I was an elementary school pupil. We looked around inside of the castle for a while. That was quite nice. The castle is very beautiful, reflecting the sun light in the blue sky. 

     Then we went to an organic restaurant for lunch. It is interesting that all of us always eat brown rice at home, not white rice! We enjoyed having healthy food there. After lunch, we went to Sakae area and hung around there for a while. Then we entered a café and rested there. The three of us had sweets  there except for me. What did I order? Of course, beer! You know, it was really hot outside that day! 

     Anyway, I had a really wonderful time with my friends. And I am sure he also had a good time here in Nagoya. I hope he liked my city and wants to visit here again.This time I can get a friend in the real world from the cyber world again! Thank goodness!


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