I had been learning English from an Australian lady for two and half years. She was gone to Australia with her husband last Friday. She had been here in Japan for 5 years. 

     A friend of mine found an advertising of an English lesson on a free paper two years ago. He and one of his friends went to her to take a trail lesson one day, and I accompanied them. After that, he and I decided to take her class. After one and half year, he stopped taking her class because he has many things to do except for studying English.

     One day I bumped into a lady who I know in the subway. She and I used to go to the same English school. She told me she was going to quit the school. Oh, what a coincidence! I introduced the Australian teacher to her right away, and the lady and I started taking her lesson together. That was about one year ago…Time flies…

     She and I went to Centrair, the airport with another student of hers to show her and her husband off last Friday. There are many shops and restaurants like a shopping center in the airport. So we enjoyed shopping there and had dinner to see our teacher. When I had to say good-bye to her, I couldn’t say almost anything. I couldn’t stop weeping. I felt really sad.

      Thank you for everything, Amelia. I won’t forget you and your class forever.  


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  1. 僕自身、何度か留学に行っているので、見送られる立場で、こういう事がありました。 別れる間際は辛いですわな・・・。 アメリカで一緒に勉強していたイタリア人を見送りました。 そのときは辛かったなぁ・・・。 会えない可能性の方が遥かに高い訳だから。 まぁ、その後は就職する前に会いに行ったんだけどね。

  2. Hi, Kenny! Thank you for your comment. Oh! You have studied abroad many times!
    How wonderful! Yes, I felt really sad when I had to say good-bye to my teacher at the airport…I am going to go to Australia to see her someday soon!

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