Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest


     I like Johnny Depp. He’s handsome and cute. I like his voice, too! He appears on many films, but my favorite role of him is Captain Jack Sparrow.  

     I don’t think there is someone who doesn’t know that famous movie entitled Pirates of the Caribbean, though, Captain Jack Sparrow is the hero of the story. 

     Jack Sparrow is quite selfish man; probably most of pirates were like him, chases treasures, roman and women to the seven seas. Treachery and plunder are common for treasure hunting. But he and other pirates must obey the rule among pirates strictly.  

     He was under contract to a ghostly captain named Davy Jones. After possession of the Black Pearl, which is a ship, he must serve as a crew under the Davy Jones for 100 years. Davy Jones’ crews changed to monsters under serving him for a long time.  

     Jack Sparrow finds out something to escape his horrible fate, and… 

     If you get interested in the story, why don’t you go to a movie theater this weekend? I went to see the movie with a friend of mine last Tuesday. We saw it as a late show. It cost only 1000 yen each! 

     Before seeing the movie, she and I had a curry set. We shared one set because it was quite big meal. Sea food curry, beef curry, vegetable salad, rice, naan, tandoori chicken, samosa, and soft drink. That was wonderful! I love curry! 

     I had a lovely night with the friend. Thank goodness! 


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