Gazpacho is a Spanish cold soup. No, it’s more a Spanish cold liquid salad. Gazpacho descends from ancient Andalusian.  

     The other day, after the final class of my Spanish before the summer vacation, Mariano, my Spanish teacher, who is also a cook, gave me a light lunch. He’s gone to Spain with his son. He spends this summer there with his family.  

     It was my first time to try Gazpacho. I liked it! According to Mariano, many Japanese don’t like the taste, though… 

     You know, the summer in Nagoya is terrible! It’s not only hot but also humid! If you have no appetite because of the heat, I recommend eating the soup, no the liquid salad! One lick will stimulate your appetite! 

     It’s quite easy to make Gazpacho. You just put all ingredients into a blender. That’s all. Cold it, then eat. 

     Ingredients: cucumbers, green peppers, onion, garlic, tomatoes, bread, vinegar, olive oil, and salt and spices.  

     Quantity? You can find many recipes on the Internet! Why don’t you try to make and to eat once? 

     My Spanish teacher, Mariano’s web page is here. 

     Do you think he comes back to Japan in the fall?    


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