Expo Memorial Park


     Last year I was into Expo, which was held in Nagoya district. I went there over 40 times! I made many friends who were from all over the world there. They are my treasures. As time goes by, the memory is getting thinner and thinner, but the event was one of the most important in my life for me.

     The place where the Expo was held last year is now under construction and is becoming a new big park. A part of it has opened since July 15th. So a friend of mine and I visited there last Thursday. (The grand open will be next year.)

     She and I were surprised at the park because there was a mere shadow of its former self! We couldn’t remember what was in the place exactly where we stood. We felt disappointed a little…

     After a bit strolling, she and I decided to have lunch somewhere. We are interested in organic food. According to her, there is a restaurant which serves organic food in a building in the park. So we headed for the building. I was surprised to know we had to pay for entering it. You have to pay extra to have lunch inside the building which is cool by air conditioners. Anyway we paid and went to the restaurant.

     How was the food? Oh, I’m sorry, I cannot to say about it there…After the construction finishes, I’m going to visit the park with her again. 

     It is strange but some of my friends who I met at Expo last year email me when I do something related with Expo. This time some of them were in touch with me as well. I am going to reply them with photos which I took in the Expo Memorial Park. I’m wondering whether they feel nostalgic, disappointed, or sad…


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