A Birthday Party


     Last Saturday I was invited to a birthday party from a friend of mine. The friend has two kids, whose birthdays are not the same but near, so she held a birthday party for them.

     She rent a room of a community center in the neighborhood for the party. Most of the decorations were made by her. Those were really wonderful! I was very surprised to know her talent for it.

     There were about 40 people at the party. A magician came and performed a magic show there. He was quite nice! I prefer his character to his magic…I laughed at his show! That was fun!

      For the party, the friend and I made about 60 strawberry jellies. They were waiting in my fridge for a while. It seemed kids liked the jellies. I was delighted to see them eating them happily.

      We had also bingo game. I had to say number in Japanese, English and Spanish! What an international party it was! Kids were getting more and more excited when the game was going. They were close on me! I was sorry for some of kids who couldn’t get anything by the game. But that’s the life, kids!

      The most exciting event was breaking Spider Man. The friend made a doll which was a Spider Man shape from paper, especially from milk cartons. She hid many snacks and sweets in it. Kids hit the bat to break the Spider Man to get the snacks and sweets. When the Spider Man was broken at last, kids tried to get as many snacks and sweets as possible desperately. That was really fun!

      Happy Birthday, Takeshi and Akira!


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