Grand Sumo Tournament


     I like watching sumo, not doing it. I had longed to go to see sumo tournament once for a long time. At last my dream has come true. I went to Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium to see Grand Sumo Tournament with three of my friends yesterday!

     It’s really hot and humid in summer in Nagoya. In the hot place, in hot July the sumo tournament is held every year. Actually it was my first time to visit Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium itself. The gymnasium is located near Nagoya City Hall and Nagoya Castle.

     So I think the place is good for sightseeing in Nagoya. If foreigners who are interested in Japanese culture are in Nagoya in July, they can enjoy watching sumo and seeing many Japanese traditional things after visiting Nagoya Castle. Of course, Japanese people can enjoy themselves at the same tour!

     My friends and I bought a box seat called masu-seki. In a box seat four people can sit down and usually enjoy some foods and beer, watching sumo. The seat itself interested me. We took off shoes and sat down cushions called zabuton in Japanese.

     Haven’t you ever seen many those zabuton cushions flying in the air during the sumo tournament on TV before? If a yokozuna, the grand champion sumo wrestler isn’t skilled in tactics and is beat by a much lower position wrester, many audiences get angry and start throwing their zabuton cushions! The scene is really spectacular!  

     Yes. Sometimes Japanese people may become more dangerous than hooligans.

     I really enjoyed myself seeing Japanese traditional things there. All costumes were wonderful! The combination of color of them and devices were beautiful! At the same time, I’ve had many questions there. For example, where does the dirt of the sumo ring go after the tournament? Is it thrown away anywhere, or reused in the National Sport Hall in Ryogoku, Tokyo? Where does the salt which sumo wrestlers throw for purifying the ring? Does someone buy it anywhere, or is it made as special salt for sumo anywhere?

     What I was very surprised at sumo yesterday was that many foreign wrestlers took an active part in sumo world. I’m happy that the Japanese traditional sport penetrates to all over the world. But in the meantime, I’m afraid that Japanese sumo wrestlers may be driven away and vanish in Japanese national sport world someday.

     Anyway, I had a wonderful time. Watching sumo was much better than I had thought. You cannot have presence when you watch TV at home. Probably the three friends of mine and I will be at the gym in July next year, too.


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  1. かなりお久しぶりです。 ずっと更新が止まってました!?
    ずっと英語の日記を継続して頑張ってますね。 最近の日記を読ませてもらいましたが、英語で文章を書くのも、だいぶ慣れてきたんじゃないですか?僕も最近mixiを始めてそっちで毎日、日記を書いてます。またたまにMSNも更新します。

  2. Long time no see! How have you been, Kenny?
    I have a blog in Mixi, too. I write in Japanese there.Find me! My handle name is almost the same. And the
    photo is the same, too! You can find me, easily! CU!

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