Azzuri and Zidane in the World Cup


     The World Cup has finished. Italian team “Azzuri” beat French team this morning and held the World Cup aloft in Berlin.

     I’ve liked Azzuri since the former World Cup was held in Japan 4 yeas ago. I fall in love with them at first sight. When I happened to see news on TV in an evening four years ago, many handsome men were getting off of the bus in Sendai. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Most of the men were really good-looking and my type! At the moment when I saw them, I decided to support them during the World Cup.

     That’s why after Japanese team disappeared from Germany this time, I’d become a supporter of Azzuri. Of course, I got up at 3 o’clock this morning to watch the game of Italy VS France. But I fall asleep unconsciously during the game, and the game was over when I was awake.

     But my ears seem to pick sounds up from TV. In my dream, Italy defeated France, and I was delighted with many Italian people. So I was very happy to know that Italy really had won the victory except for one thing.

     I was very surprised to know Zidane had red-carded by head-butting Materrazi, an Italian defender. I was really shocked and sad to see the scene on the Internet. Although I’m a supporter of Azzuri, I like Zizou! His Marseille turn (Marseille roulette) used to make me excited! The bright position where he was standing has been hard-earned. And the story used to make me impressed.

     I don’t know how Materrazi made Zidane so angry, but I was really sorry for Zidane’s behavior and the ending of his history as a player…Zidane must regret of his act, of course…

    Anyway, Viva Azzuri!


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