Goal! The Dream Begins


     Oh, I haven’t written for 11 days! For those days, I had many things I can write here, though. Anyway, a new month has started. July. It’s still rainy season in Japan. It’s been hot and very humid here in Nagoya. I perspire a lot even when I don’t do anything!

     Now I’ll write about the events I had experienced last month. On June 20th, I went to see a movie with a friend of mine. I hadn’t watched a movie at a movie theater for a long time. What we saw was Goal! It’s a trilogy soccer movie. Now one in three parts is on. The second one is supposed to be on this fall.

     The hero is Santiago Munez, who is a Mexican- American immigrant. He grew up in a poor section of Los Angeles. He is talented in playing soccer. He dreams of playing soccer in a famous league someday as a major player.

     But he gets thrown cold water anytime by his father, who labors at menial job everyday and earns just enough money to support his family. Luckily, Santiago gets an unbelievable chance to get a tryout with Newcastle United, one of England’s Premier League. He chooses to go to England, leaving from his father. He has a hard time there, but he becomes a wonderful player at last.

     The story itself was kind of old-fashioned. There’s no surprise in the movie. But after seeing the movie, I got energy and become cheerful. Never give up your dream!


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