I join a SNS called mixi, which is the biggest among SNS in Japan. The other day, I wrote about Peruvian cuisines in Japanese there as well. Then one man contacted me and asked me to introduce the Peruvian friend to him.

     According to him, a friend of his is an artist and crates objects by iron. The iron artist copies works of art of a Bolivian artist and he would like to collaborate with the Bolivian artist in an exhibition which is supposed to be held in Tokyo this fall. But the Bolivian artist speaks only Spanish, and the Japanese iron artist speaks only Japanese. They cannot contact by themselves. That’s why the man who contacted me thinks that he and his iron artist can be touch with the Bolivian artist through my Peruvian friend.

     That’s interesting! The man who contacted me and I had never met before. But we’d kept in touch with each other without knowing each name since we happened to meet in mixi, the SNS on the cyber world.

     Actually, I know the Bolivian artist. He is a friend of mine! I can contact him. But I asked my Peruvian friend to help me with their collaboration because I cannot speak Spanish well.

     The man who had met me in mixi invited me when he visited the iron artist’s studio. So I met him in person last Saturday at last. I met him at a restaurant in Nagakute. Then he introduced me his wife and friends there. I enjoyed myself talking with an Italian lady, an American lady, two Japanese ladies and two Japanese men, having delicious cheese cake and coffee there. I didn’t feel that was my first time to meet them. In the restaurant kitchen, two Japanese ladies and the American lady baked two big apple pies to bring them to the iron artist.

     Then all of us except for the Italian lady and one of Japanese men headed for the iron artist’s studio. The studio was ancient Japanese house built about 450 years ago. There were many objects made from iron here and there. The artist makes ceramics, too. So there were many ceramics in the studio as well. (I found some funny things invented by the iron artist there, too.)

     His iron works of art look warm. It’s because of his skill and his character, I think. I had a really good time there seeing wonderful art, having delicious apple pie with special water made by the iron artist, chatting with wonderful people, who I met first that day. Human network is really interesting.

The iron artist’s website is here. 

The Bolivian artist’s website is here.


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