The Truman Show


     Now in my class, I’m studying psychology with a movie entitled The Truman Show. The movie was released in 1998, 8 years ago from now. Jim Carry played the leading role, Truman.

     Truman has lived happily and peacefully for 30 years in an island named Sea Heaven. But his commonplace daily life is a fake…He was born from a mother who hadn’t wanted a baby, and was adopted by a TV company. Since the very time when he came into being this world was on air, his whole life has observed by many people all over the world.

     His parents are actors, his co-workers are actors, his wife is an actress and even his best friend is an actor. All of the people around him are actors. The real is only Truman himself. He has lived in a huge studio with hidden cameras everywhere, and his life has been on air for 24 hours by those cameras on the most popular TV program.

     Only Truman doesn’t know anything about the Show. He has never suspected of his own life. But he starts to be suspicious of his ordinary daily life one day…

     If this story was real, it would be very scary. All of the things that you had believed could disappear. Most people could become crazy.

     This movie is not only strong sarcasm for capitalism; mass media, mass production and mass consumption, but also making some issues psychologically or sociologically. What it the truth?

     In psychological view, I can read the relationship between parents and adolescent kids into the film. It’s normal that parents try to protect their kids from danger and wish them lead peaceful lives. But sometimes some parents love their kids too much to let them free. They try to control their kids’ lives. They give their kids anything they believe good for them. But if their kids want to do something they dislike, they will throw cold water on them and take them by force.

     In this movie, Cristof, the TV producer looks like a father and Truman looks like his son at puberty. I’ve heard that mothers can love their kids for nothing, but fathers cannot love their kids who disobey. I see that Cristof loves Truman from his behavior. Christof has watched Truman not only as a TV producer but also as his father. That’s why Cristof tries to even kill Truman when he sees his son’s provocative attitude, I think.

     When I think about that, I recall an episode of Genesis in the Bible. God made a complete peaceful area named the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve. God controlled them. But one day God banished them because they had disobeyed his command…

     And I think about another thing. In the film, all of the people are actors except for Truman. At a first glance, only Truman looks pitiful, but I think that other main characters are also pitiful because they don’t have own lives. Meryl, the actress who is Truman’s wife has to live together with him without love. She cannot go home where her real family lives. So do other actors!

     But are they really pitiful? I think most people in the universe act someone everyday. For example, one woman has many personas; a wife, a mother, a daughter, a worker, a neighbor and so on. I think most people change masks in the situations. It’s normal. Meryl had acted, but she had lived her own life as well as Meryl. It’s the same as our real life!

     I myself think that I control my own life, but all things around me are already controlled, for example, information. Is all of the news I heard correct? I myself may be Truman, and also be Meryl.

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