Kabuto Beer


     There’s a historical building made by red brick in Handa City. It is very popular as a red brick building among the citizen. The building was build as a brewery of Kabuto Beer in Meiji era, and during the World War II it was used as a depository of Nakajima Air Plane Factory. That’s why it has many holes by bombing on the brick wall.

     The building is usually closed, but Handa City opens it several times a year and has some events there. With the latest open days were last weekend, I went to have beer there last Saturday. Because the building was originally a brewery, they sell the remake of Kabuto Beer in events. Kabuto Beer is black beer. I enjoyed the taste and creamy foam in the morning!

     I strolled along the old street called Kon-ya Kaido for sobering myself up. It was a beautiful day and the wind was breezing gently. I slightly drunk and felt happy, taking a walk. There are some old houses and stores in the old street. I found a rice crisps shop at the corner. A lady with beautiful silver hair was baking rice crisps by hand. She was very nice and kind. I got some rice crisps there. I’m going to send some of them and Kabuto Beer to my father in-law on Father’s day. Anyway it was a nice holiday.


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