Funeral 2


     I came back home from the ceremony. I wept. I hadn’t shed tears for a long time, I thought. I feel that I was purified by the tear somehow.

     His face looked like sleeping. It’s hard to believe still now for me that he’s gone. He had been energetic until about 10 days ago. His baseball friends also attended the ceremony, and they spoke to him, who couldn’t reply any more. They spoke gently as if the man was still alive. None of them cried. They were smiled and spoke to him in a quiet.

     I feel an upsurge of emotion at all excitement of running around, meeting many people in the daytime, and of attending the funeral. I am about to weep.

     God gives all of us an equal gift.

  People are mortal.

     I don’t want to get the gift soon, though. I have many things I want to do still now. For the present, I need to feed! I forgot to eat. I haven’t eaten anything today. I have no appetite, though…I am alive.



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