New Shikoku Pilgrimage Place

       After visiting the university forest of the University of Tokyo in Seto, I went to a mountain named Mikuni (701m) with other members. It has a camp site. Probably many families come and enjoy camping there in summer. On top of the mountain, there are many towers of antennas. I felt like being in an SF space station or something.

      I found an interesting thing on the mountain. It’s a miniature Shikoku Pilgrimage place. The name is New Shikoku Pilgrimage Place. Wow! In the real Shikoku Pilgrimage, people with white clothing, sedge hat and cane visit all 88 temples in the island of Shikoku on foot. They believe after making a pilgrimage, they’ll be happy. But recently, people seldom do it on foot; they use buses or cars instead. There are even many bus tours of the pilgrimage.

      In the miniature Shikoku Pilgrimage place on Mt. Mikuni, you can become happy even easier. There’re 88 small shrines which have each statue of Buddha. If you pray to all of them, you’ll be happy!

      Two of us started to pray, and the rest of us headed for an observation platform, where you can see 365°view. The people who got to the platform waited for the two prayers, having some sweets and seeing wonderful scenery. One of us asked the two if they wished for all of us when they arrived at the platform. One of them replied. “No way! I wished for just my family and myself. Praying is very hard, you know. It’s like doing squat!”


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