Mother’s Day


     Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I went to buy some flowers for my mother. I found an interesting flower at a flower shop the other day. I thought it was a green chestnut bur when I saw it at first. It wasn’t chestnut bur, but it was a carnation! Because I liked it very much, I asked a clerk to make a bouquet with some of the green carnations and some cute small pineapples.

     Of course, my mother was delighted at the bouquet very much. According to her, she’s been also interested in the green carnations and the small pineapples recently. Although I didn’t know, about the green carnations were introduced on some news programs on TV before Mother’s Day.

     After saying good-bye to my mother, I went to a marshy area. It’s a quite big park and has some ponds in it. I found lotus flowers to be in bloom on one of the ponds. Because I didn’t prepare for going to the marsh, I couldn’t go near the floors. But they were beautiful! Next time, I should wear rubber boots!


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