Today I went to see a picture painted by a friend of mine with other friends. The friend belongs to a painting club, and the club had had an exhibition since the beginning of this month until today at a café named Mori-no-oto (forest’s sound) in Nisshin.

     The café was very nice. It’s an old house surrounded many greens. It’s located near a hospital and a meadow. That’s why it’s very calm around there. Although they don’t have a variety of menus, it has a gallery. And it sometimes holds concerts. I decided today to come to a concert there with some of my friends next month.

      After appreciating paintings, I enjoyed chatting with friends over coffee. ( They have interesting blends of coffees: Tokyo Blend, Nagoya Blend and Italian Blend. I had a Nagoya Blend. That was nice.) I had a good time today.


*photo1: the café, photo2: my friend’s painting(fruits), photo3: her friend’s painting


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