At a Junior High School


     Sometimes the things I haven’t expected happen. I was sitting and having some tea in a Principal’s room at a junior high school yesterday afternoon somehow. While staying at the school, I was wondering why I was there.

     I accompanied a man, who is a nature conservationist, because he had a special class for the seventh grade students there. I helped him by taking photos during the class.

     Because the school is located near a big park in Nagoya, the students have many opportunities to observe there. The nature conservationist goes around many elementary schools and junior high schools in Nagoya, and teaches them about nature.

     The park has destroyed badly by the Expo last year, mainly for construction of parking lots. That Expo was a great success, and I myself enjoyed it very much. But people should restore to the original state after having fun. If it’s difficult to restore, we should try to preserve the present nature and to let it become better for the future. I don’t have a passion for the thought so much like other activists, though. I haven’t ever thought to join such a group before!

     That’s why God may make me join him…I’m going to be flown on the stream for a while…

     After his lecture, he asked the students, “What do you want now?” No one replied. A school teacher pointed some students. But the answers of all of them were the same. “I don’t want anything special.” The reason why the nature conservationist asked the question is that he wanted to introduce children’s voices in developing countries. And he wanted the students to understand how our country was rich and destroyed the nature of other countries.

     The students were very polite, but they weren’t lively…I was very sorry for that. I think teachers should teach students about the importance of saying own opinions.


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