On May 5th, I went to Handa City with a friend of mine to see the doctor. It was a month ago when I met the doctor last time. I’m going to see him a month later. At last I found a nice doctor. I’ve been suffering from the pain of my body for a long time. Especially, my left knee hasn’t been able to bend for over a year, and I’ve been in trouble in doing some daily activities. I don’t write about this problem here because I mentioned a month ago. Anyway, I went to Handa and I’m getting better. Thanks.

     After seeing the doctor, the friend and I went to Chubu International Airport called Centrair because it’s located near Handa. As that day was Children Day, many people, especially families visited there. For kids, an event named Mushi-King, which is a kind of card game related to insects, was held inside.

     Centrair looks like a shopping center, and it has many shops and restaurants. The friend and I enjoyed shopping and eating there. Of course, I saw many planes, too! I love seeing planes, especially at the moment when they take off! I don’t know why I am excited at seeing planes.

     Speaking of being excited, I am excited at seeing the sea, too! You know, Centrair is floated on the sea! I had a really good time that day. But the friend seemed not to understand why I was so excited because she spent her childhood around there. According to her, the sea is too familiar for her, and she doesn’t get excited at planes, either.

     On our way home, we found some wind mils. They were really beautiful in the light of sunset. I didn’t know that there were wind mils in Shin-Maiko.


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