Exam of Your Place


     According to Chunichi the newspaper, the exam of your place is becoming popular in Japan. It’s an examination that asks you about the district you live for promoting the place and guides. Now there’re more than 30 exams all over Japan. It can be called a boom! Sorry to say there’s no exam in Aichi prefecture, though.


     I’ll introduce some of the exams here.


Namahage Missionary Examination — Akita prefecture

 1. The exam aims to have people know about Namahage.

       Namahage is an event held on December 31st or January 15th in Oga, Akita for 

       inviting New Year’s gods. Usually, some young men disguising themselves as ogres 

       visit houses, and scold naughty kids there and get some food and sake.

 2. The fee is 3000 yen, and the pass rate is 97.2%.

  3. Sample Question: When did Namahage become an important intangible cultural 

       asset of Japan?


Akashi Octopus Examination—Hyogo prefecture

   1.      The exam asks about fish in Akashi mainly octopuses. Akashi is very famous for 


   2.      The fee is 3000 yen, and the pass rate is 83.4%

   3.      Sample Question: What do the fishermen call octopuses in season?

   A: Rice Cake Octopus, B: Cherry Blossom Octopus, C: Straw Hat Octopus,

   D: Color Leaves Octopus


Nagasaki History and Culture Tourism Examination—Nagasaki prefecture

   1.      Nagasaki is the first place opened for foreign countries after the closed-door policy

         in Japan. That’s why Japanese people were able to know many new things of all

         over the world through the district.

   2.      The fee depends on the grade, but the third grade’s fee is 3150yen. And the pass

         rate of the grade is 88.5%.

   3.      Sample Question: Which animal was brought and made a show by the Dutch in 1821?

   A: an elephant, B: a hippo, C: a lion, D: a camel



        ①    in 1978 C D

     I couldn’t answer to any of them!


     It’s normal that successful applicants want to use their knowledge in practice. So if these exams’ boom continue for a while, the tourist industry in Japan may liven up.


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