A Bamboo Workshop


     I joined a bamboo workshop by people who belong to Meito Shizen Club (Meito Nature Club) the day before yesterday. The members of the club study about things which related to the preservation of the nature, and they do many activities, for example, nature walk, nature game and so on.

     The members who joined the workshop had planned to fix the facilities in a park named Idaka Ryokuchi, and I had been supposed to help them. But it was raining and we couldn’t work outside. So we decided to study something at the indoor instead.

     The reason why bamboo was chosen for the topic is because a member who makes charcoal with bamboo periodically was able to join us that day. He taught other members about bamboo, especially bamboo charcoal.

     The club and Meito ward cut down more than 5000 bamboos a year for preservation of the nature in Idaka Ryokuchi Park. The park is 66.2ha and there’re bamboos in about 40% of the land. And those bamboos are propagating themselves at the rate of about 4ha a year. The forest of the park would be destroyed by the bamboos unless they had been cut because their vitality is very strong and they drive other plants away.

     People have made use of bamboo for a long time. It was normal to make something with it in old days. But it’s tended not so much to make something in person as to buy something at shops lately. The club teaches people, especially kids, about benefits of bamboo and they make charcoals with bamboo in the park for a form a part of the education.

     They burn charcoal every second Saturday in the park except from June to September. It’s hard to make high quality charcoal during those 4 months because bamboo has too much water inside. Usually, you can get about 20 kg charcoals from 80kg bamboo. And you can get bamboo vinegar at the same time when you make bamboo charcoal.

I’d like to introduce some benefits of the charcoal and vinegar here because I studies about them in the workshop.
For water

You can get delicious water by the adsorption after soaking some bamboo charcoals in the water.

     As deodorants

You can use bamboo charcoals as deodorants in the fridge or the closet. Bamboo vinegar also gets rid of foul smell. You can spray it on the toilet or garbage.

     For gardening

You can get nice soil for gardening by adding smashed bamboo charcoals after you used for something. You can spray bamboo vinegar for pest control and for hastening the growth of plants.

     For skincare

Bamboo vinegar has good effects for atopy, tinea and moisture of the skin. 

photo1: the workshop, photo2: bamboo charcoal, photo3: unearthed pottery in the park

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