Yellow Sand

     Yesterday’s yellow sand attack was terrible! Yellow sand hazed over Nagoya city. People couldn’t look out over about 4 kilometers ahead. Because the sky was covered with yellow sand, I was able to see the sun directly. Now here in Nagoya, cherry blossoms are in full bloom, but they were also covered with yellow sand.
     I took cherry blossoms photos yesterday and the day before yesterday. Let’s compare them! You can find the differences of the color!
     Yellow sand is a phenomenon that the sand of the interior of China such as the Taklimakan Desert and the Gobi Desert which are thousands kilometers away from Japan is wafted up by the prevailing westerlies and move to the east. 
     Yellow sand damaged to vegetables as like cabbages yesterday. Many people, for example, farmers, taxi drivers, car dealers, people who hung the laundry out, must have looked up at the sky reproachful. So did I! I would have liked to go to the cherry-blossom viewing after the Afternoon Tea Concert yesterday!


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