Afternoon Tea Concert


     I hadn’t seen a harpsichord and a baroque violin until today. I was able to listen to the baroque music this afternoon. A tea company named M&P’s Tea held a concert called Afternoon Tea Concert today and I was there. Yes, afternoon tea! After the concert, you can enjoy lots of kinds of tea and delicious homemade cucumber sandwiches, scones, cookies and cakes. M&P’s Tea has such parties several times each year.

     Today’s concert was baroque music played by two ladies, a harpsichord player and a violinist. The latter plays not the ordinary modern violin but the baroque violin. There’re many differences between those violins, for example the shape of each body and bow. The two ladies played the music such as Bach’s. I like the tone color of the harpsichord. I feel elegant when I hear the tone.

     After the concert, I enjoyed some tea, for example, Darjeeling, Dimbra, Uva, Assam and so on, and cucumber sandwiches and sweets.

     By the way, the concert was held at a hall named Yamano Hall in Nisshin City. This hall is small but cozy, and is located in a wonderful place. It’s by a pond, which has many cherry trees around it. I love the place. I had a wonderful spring time there today.


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