The Red Brick Building


      I was in Handa City today. It was my first visit there. Handa is one of the cities in Aichi prefecture, located in south about 1hour drive from Nagoya. The reason why I visited the city is because that there’s an Eastern medical clinic in it. A friend of mine, who was sorry for me because I’d been suffering from some symptoms, introduced me to the doctor today.

     About seven years ago, I hurt the neck and the right knee when I went skiing. My right arm and hand couldn’t move by numbness because of cervical spine’s damage, and my right knee needed an operation because of the menisci’s injury. And about one and a half year ago, my rib bone was broken and my left knee got injured because I had a bike accident.

     Those wounds themselves have already been healed, but some of the pains have never disappeared and some symptoms as headache or dizziness has been left. Especially for my left knee, I was told by a doctor a year ago that he couldn’t heal the pain.

    As above, I have been suffering from those symptoms for some time. Because I cannot bend my left knee, I always have a trouble when I go to the restroom. I cannot stand up without the pain after sitting on the chair for a long time.

     But I may be released from those troubles. I was able to meet a great healer today! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!


     On my way home from the clinic, I dropped by an old building. It is in the public eye as a red brick building. It was built as a brewery of “Kabuto Beer” in Meiji era, and was used as a depository of Nakajima Hikoki Seisakujo (Nakajima Air Plane Factory) during the World War II. The building has many holes which were made by bombing at that time on the brick wall.

     The friend who took me to the clinic and I found the gate open when we got to the building. We went through the gate and saw the door open. We entered inside. It seemed that no one was there. Inside it was grim and dark, but some rooms had lights. We kept going on the long passage timidly when we met a woman at the bottom. She was startled. So did we!

     According to her, the building is usually closed and you cannot enter inside. You can enter when it’s opened several times a year. The friend and I apologized to enter it without the permission. We were lucky because we were able to see inside with no crowd.


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