Fact is stranger than fiction.


     At last, my spring courses finished last week. My final course’s subject was American Cultural Studies. In the last class, I saw a video on the Cuban Missiles Crisis, which is the tense confrontation for 13 days between the Soviet Union and the United States for the deployment of nuclear missiles in Cuba by the Soviet from October 16 to 28 in 1962.

     Since Cuban Revolution in 1950’s, the gap between Cuba led by Fidel Castro and the U.S has become bigger and bigger.

     According to the video, it was the U.S to make Cuba be Communist. After the overthrow of Batista’s regime, Castro tried to go on the democratic way. But for American people, Cuba was a weekend resort you could go easily, and the Mafia, it was a big business place for gambling and sugar trade. So the U.S didn’t like Cuban freedom. They didn’t like Castro’s policy that he gave lands to poor people or so. Although Castro asked them to help Cuba financially, U.S didn’t and tried to invade instead. Whenever Cuba was threatened by U.S, Castro went to communist way. There may have been nothing for it but to do that for him since America imposed economic sanctions on his country.

     In the video, an agent who took part in an operation for overthrow Castro’s administration testified to a fact, that they had gathered many cats and they had stuck something burning on their tails, and then had released to burn up sugar fields.

     How terrible!

     In the circumstances, it’s no wonder that Castro asked the Soviet to help Cuba. The Soviet was behind the U.S on military development at that time, and for them Cuba would become a nice base. That’s why, Khrushchev gave the green light to deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba. It’s funny that the U.S government hadn’t believed although they had gotten over 5000 reports that the deployment of the nuclear missiles by the Soviet until their reconnaissance plane shot the photo.

     Anyway, the World War III was avoided by the diplomatic skills between the Soviet and the United States. Cuba was the country involved, but it was left out in the cold! Kennedy and Khrushchev, both of the leaders in the two big countries, are dead, but Castro is still now alive in high spirits. And the big gap between the United States and Cuba still remains. And that was made clear at the World Baseball Classic the other day.

     I enjoyed the class because I prefer documentaries to fictions. Fact is stranger than fiction. It was a good opportunity to think about lots of things this time.

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