My fourth spring intensive course started today. I’ve already taken three courses at a university this spring so far. The title of the course this time is American Cultural Studies.

     When you mention American culture, there’re many things in it. In the course, students are supposed to study about mainly leaders in American history and to discuss why they are important and how they contributed to modern American society.

     There’re 8 students in the class. This time, we have a young man in the class! You know, the rest are adult women…The teacher is cheerful Canadian. I’ve taken his classes some times. I like his class because he’s very good at making students relax and positive. As a matter of fact, I’m not so interested in American leaders and things. What brought me to the class, then? Yes. I just would like to have taken his class!

     The motivation to take his class might be a little bit weak. I had a tough time today! I don’t know anything about Eisenhower, Exon-Mobil, Sikorski, or Douglas! Yes! I’m ignorant! We seem to study about Martin Luther King. Jr. tomorrow. But we don’t seem to study about that famous “I have a dream.” What will we study about then? Anyway, I’m a little bit nervous. What shall I do? Can I follow the class this week?

     After class, I had lunch together with some of my classmates and our teacher at a Japanese restaurant near the university. Our teacher didn’t eat anything. He just had some coffee in lunch time. After lunch, he headed for a gym. He’s a sportsman! I, however, headed for a department store instead of a gym. I prefer shopping to exercising!

     There had been an event called Expo Anniversary Fair at the department store, and today was the final day. I went there to say good-bye to some people. Although I wasn’t going to buy, I bought a bottle of Argan oil and a lamp shade made from sheep skin. Argan oil is made from fruits of Argan trees, which grow only in the south- west of Morocco. The oil seems to be good for your beauty!


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