Expo Anniversary


     There’s been a fair entitled Expo Anniversary at a department store named Maruei in Sakae, Nagoya since last week. It has many booths that remind people of Expo. You can shop many imported things and memorial goods for Expo, eat ethnic foods, and meet people that you think with nostalgia there.

     I visited there with some of my friends yesterday. Fortunately I was able to see some of people who I had wanted to see there. One of my purposes of visit to the fair this time was to see a man who is from Morocco. Because he was a vice-manager of Moroccan Pavilion at Expo and speaks Japanese fluently (his wife is Japanese), he often appeared on TV during Expo. That’s why a lot of people in Tokai area know about him. Although I’m not his close friend, I talked with him whenever I visited Moroccan Pavilion, and I had an opportunity to eat out together with him those days.

     In Moroccan booth, I enjoyed talking to him with the friends who I visited there together over Moroccan coffee, which has many spices in it. I was really happy to see him again. In the other booths, I sampled German ice wine, Turkish sweet and tea, Ghana chocolate and one of Korean sweets.

     As I was impressed at seeing how a Korean man was making the sweets, I bought one package of them. The sweets are made with a solid honey looks like a soap. The solid honey is flattened and is folded many times until it becomes 16000 threads. And then a bundle of the 16000 threads of solid honey holds many kinds of nuts inside. You may not be able to imagine the sweets. Seeing is believing.

     When the friend and I were about to leave after strolling there for about two hours, we bumped into a famous man there. It was Mr. Noda, who is a famous photographer as Mr. Expo “Bampaku Ojisan”. He was very popular among visitors at Expo because of his sunny disposition and his odd fashion. I was lucky because I was able to see him again!


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