The Tokugawa Art Museum


     There’s a museum named the Tokugawa Art Museum here in Nagoya. You may be able to imagine its collection easily because of the name Tokugawa. Yes, the museum preserves many various inherited objects from the first shogun Ieyasu and the Owari branch of the Tokugawa family.

     I had an opportunity to visit the museum yesterday. Last May, I went to Townsville in Australia with two of my friends to do homestay. The host family who accepted us was the parents of an English teacher, who teaches me and the friends on Tuesdays. The host mother and father have been here in Japan since last week! I went to the museum with them, their daughter, who is my teacher and some of her students including my friends who went to Australia with me.

     For my host mother and father, it is the first time to visit here Japan. That’s why they have been many places every day since arriving. They went to Kyoto the day before yesterday and happened to see some (apprentice) geisha girls there. Oh, I envy them! I’ve never seen one before! They had to see many temples, shrines and Japanese gardens there. However it was the first time to see samurai things for them yesterday. So they looked excited to see armors, swords and so on at the museum.

     Now the museum has a special exhibition. It’s Hina matsuri: Doll’s Festival in the Owari Tokugawa family. You can see many Hina dolls and ornaments of the festival until April 9th there. In the western culture, they have doll houses. Because Doll’s festival’s ornaments are miniatures of furniture mainly as like doll houses, my host mother stared the miniatures with great interest.

     Although I took English course entitled Explaining Japan and Japanese Culture to Foreigners the other day, for me it was really difficult to explain many of Japanese things in English to my host family yesterday. I thought I needed to study our own culture more a lot.

     Anyway, I hope they can go back home with satisfaction and many good memories.


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