Nature Walk in Idaka Ryokuchi


     The town I live in has some green parks. I had an opportunity to enter a park of them named Idaka Ryokuchi today. The park is 66 ha. A nature walk was held there. Of course, you can enter there anytime, but I hadn’t stepped into the park until today because it’s a too thick forest to enter alone. I’d been curious about inside of the park for a long time. As I found the words of “nature walk” in the community paper the other day, I decided to join it.

     In the nature walk, you can enjoy walking in the forest following the guides. I pedaled my bike for about 20 minutes and went to one of the entrances of the park in the morning to register myself. There were about 60 people and about 10 guides in the walk. We were separated into 4 groups. Each group had two or three guides. We strolled for about 2 hours, studying many things, for example, about names of plants and about preservation of the environment.

     I usually feel pressed for time. But I was able to feel that time went slower while being in the forest than usual. And I was able to feel nature with the five senses.

     I had thought that it was good not to touch nature for preserving the environmental until I joined the nature walk today. But it seems that sometimes intervention by human is necessary. The park is not a primeval forest.

     Because people abandoned the area, most of the trees have grown up and have become old without thinning out. As the result, they block off the light and the forest become dark, new trees cannot grow up. In the near future, most of the trees will fell down almost the same time unless we make a move soon, and the forest will disappear.

     Besides, because of Expo, many of living things were gone in the forest. A big development on Expo reached right behind of the park. The forest looks like it has many wildernesses still now, but faces a big danger of vanishing. The leader of our group told us that Expo was a big success and brightness but we had to turn our eyes to darkness of it.

     I enjoyed walking in the park and learned many things today.


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