500 yen DVD


     How wonderful! You can get a DVD by one coin! Some of publishers have started selling DVDs of classical movies for 500 yen each at bookstores recently.

     I’ve taken a TV and Movie English course since this Monday. I had seen a movie entitled Foreign Correspondent directed by Hitchcock in 1940 for three days since Monday to yesterday. Because we discussed about the movie, we didn’t have enough time to see the whole story in the classroom. We had to skip most of the romantic scenes. According to the teacher, those scenes are not so important for the movie.

     I went to a rental movie shop after class because I wanted to know what the people in the film were saying exactly and how the romantic scenes were. However they didn’t have the movie. Although I had thought they would have many movies directed by Hitchcock because he was very famous, but they didn’t have so many of his, they had lots of Korean movies and recent Hollywood movies instead. I was really disappointed.

     After I got home, I searched about the movie on the Internet. Then I found out that you could buy Foreign Correspondent for 500 yen at bookstore. I had known that many 500 yen DVDs had been sold at bookstores but I didn’t know the movie was included. That’s why, I headed for a bookstore to get one on my way home after class today. Yeah! I got one at last! And I watched it right away with Japanese subtitles. Oh! When can I watch movies without subtitles?   


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