Foreign Correspondent


     My third intensive course started today. The course’s title is TV & Movie English. There’re 6 students in the class this time. I had thought that I would take dictation of dialogs, seeing the movie in the class until today. But I didn’t need take dictation. I needed guess many things there instead.

     According to the teacher, who’s from Toronto in Canada, students need construct a theory of what the author is talking about. That is, predicting and imagining are necessary. It’s easier to see the movie without thinking anything, isn’t it? Yeah, this class is challenging, too!

     The movie I saw today in the class was Foreign Correspondent produced by Alfred Hitchcock. The setting of the movie is the world in 1938. The movie was made in 1939 and released in 1940 just moment before World War II. It is a kind of protest movie against going to war.

     The hero is a reporter of newspaper in New York. He’s sent to London and Holland. It seems that the movie has something to do with Nazis although I haven’t seen the whole story yet. There’re action, suspense and romance. The scene that a substitute of the Dutch diplomat is shot on the crowded steps and the assassin dashes through the crowd who open umbrellas in the rain is great! I’m looking forward to seeing the sequel tomorrow.

     After the class, I went have lunch together with the teacher and one of my classmates. The teacher seems to be well up in philosophy and theology. I was able to listen to many interesting stories from him over lunch.


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