One Saturday


     A flier that the teacher who taught the course I took last week gave students in the class attracted me. That was one of the fliers, which he got at a subway station, about exhibitions at museums here in Nagoya. The flier that interested me was an exhibition of photos taken by a photographer who had taken about 40 years ago.

     The reason why I was interested in the flier is because there was a photo that a man was selling coffee, juice and baked sweet potatoes at a portable stall on it. I love coffee. I’m curious about anything on coffee. Because the exhibition is up to today, I went to see it yesterday. It was held at Nagoya Museum. There were many photos there. All of them were monochrome. There were many things that don’t exist now on those photos, for example, a strip-show theater, people going in geta wooden clogs, mothers wearing kimono and so on.

     No women wore pants. All of them wore skirts. Women looked like women. Men looked like men. I mean it seems that male and female roles were distinct those days. They looked poorer, but happier when they were with their families at that time than nowadays. And a chaotic world as one of Asian countries was spreading on those photos.

     After visiting the museum, I headed for a sports bar in Fushimi because there was a party at night. Although it was my first time to take part in it, the party named International Mixer Party is held by Nagoya-Life every month.

     All of a sudden, a friend of mine gave me a phone call and invited me to the party the day before yesterday. Since I don’t have many opportunities to speak English out of the classroom, I decided to join it. There were over 100 people at the party. Oh, I could speak English better…Anyway, I enjoyed the party. I’m going to attend next time, too.


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