Yesterday was the final day of the second intensive course I had taken for a week, and also the teacher’s birthday. We, the other students and I, had decided to surprise him. We got crackers, some sweets and a square piece of paper called “shikishi” in Japanese for sending our messages to him.

     We got together in the classroom earlier than usual to prepare the surprise yesterday morning. I got a bottle of cola for our teacher on my way to the class in the morning because he had described cola as "American tea!" and he had seemed to like it. One of us drew lovely pictures on the white board. We waited for him to show up in the classroom, sitting on each chair after setting the surprise.

     He didn’t appear on time. We were waiting for him, clutching each cracker. One of us and I went to see him to the corridor.


     Here he comes!


     Happy birthday! We shout the words! Crackers burst open at the same time! Someone turned on the music player and a happy birthday song came out! And then claps!

     He seemed to be dumbfounded. Yeah! The surprise did well! Happy birthday!


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