Recruit Suits – Job Hunting Suits


     The topic I chose today in the class was about job hunting suits. I’ve seen lately many students wearing similar conventional conservative suits so-called recruit suits in Japanese for job hunting.     

     They join meetings for getting some tips for job hunting at the university. I saw those students two weeks ago when I thought they looked like clones.

     In 1980’s a technical magazine for job hunting named Recruit was very popular. Many students followed the information. The name of recruit suits is derived from the magazine, I think. And many apparel companies brainwashed students to wear dark colored conservative suits they designed in job hunting by much advertisement.

     As the result, many students have stopped thinking what to wear by themselves and have become robots when they have to show themselves prepared people to start their adult lives.

     Similar suits, similar hair style, similar makeup, similar shoes, similar bags…I cannot recognize each of them. How do they appeal to their interviewers?


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