My second course started.


     My second intensive course started today. It’s an English course as like another one I took two weeks ago. This spring I’m supposed to join 4 courses. The title of the course this time is “Explaining Japan & Japanese Culture to Foreigners”. I thought it would be interesting when I saw the title on the course descriptions a month ago.

     Because it was the first day today, we students just introduced ourselves through some games. Our teacher will announce to us what to do tomorrow because we wrote down some key words for topics, which we imagined that foreigners might be interested in, on the paper in the end of class. I’m looking forward to what we’ll do tomorrow.

     Our teacher is a quite young American man, from California. He’s taught English in the U.S for 2 and half years and here in Japan for 6 and half years, for 9 years in all. He’s nice and gentle. According to him, he likes arts, especially intaglio. That’s why he’s interested in ukiyoe, Japanese woodblock prints in Edo period, too. He knows about ukiyoe more than me.

     I’m now thrilled because may be able to find something new about Japan and Japanese culture through his and other students’ eyes. Whenever I meet someone new or know something new, I’m excited. So I was happy today because I was able to meet a new teacher and some new classmates. (There are 14 students in the class. I’ve seen about half of them before. Of course, I was glad to see them, too.)

     After finishing our first day of the course, I had lunch together with some of my classmates and our teacher. I was pleased that he joined us when I invited him. I enjoyed talking with them over lunch.


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