My Birthday


     I’ve been suffering from dizziness again since last Friday. Probably it’s because I was too busy. I had a tough time last week. I couldn’t do anything at home in the whole week except for looking up the dictionaries or searching on the Internet because I had taken an English one of the spring intensive courses at a university. I almost forgot even about my birthday. It was on 14th. Yes. My birthday is St. Valentine’s Day! But nothing romantic happened this year, either…I was studying hard in front of the PC on that day, too!

     Why did I have to study so hard? As the course I joined was quite high level, I had to spend much time with the dictionaries and the PC to understand the meaning of many words and to get information to follow the class. I realized my lack of vocabularies, of knowledge and of skill to speak English keenly.

     The course gave me a good chance to think about lots of things. For example, racial problem, falling fertility problem, or about death penalty, etc. To my shame I must confess that I either seldom thought about those things. After course, I had some opportunities to talk such things to some of my friends. They seemed to notice something, too. It’s about time to stop pretending not to see what we don’t want to.

     By the way, I had a special dinner last night to celebrate my birthday with my family. We had some delicious Spanish food. It was my first time to try it. Sardines’ salad, Spanish omelet, fried mushrooms with basil, boiled garbanzo, cod croquette, paella with lots of seafood and dessert. They were wonderful! My Spanish teacher is a professional cook, too!


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