Spring Intensive Course


     One of the spring intensive courses that I had applied for at a university started today. The university holds many kinds of intensive courses, for example, aroma therapy course, tai chi course, English courses and so on, during the spring and the summer vacations.

     All of the courses I applied for are English. Each course has a two hours class a day in 5 days from Monday to Friday. The title of the first course, which started today, is Expressing Opinions Course; training to express own opinions and exchange views.

      The teacher is a YOUNG, HANDSOME Aussie. (Why did I emphasize some words?;-p) I like him and his class. He’s very good at creating a casual and relaxing atmosphere, and encouraging and stimulating students.

      There are five students including me in the class this time. Four of us are women and only one person is a man except the teacher. I have to make efforts to follow the class as well as I can. I’m weak in speaking English. I mean that words can’t come out of my mouth smoothly. It’s like squeezing a dried towel…

     Anyway I have to read (maybe just scan) lots of paper that the teacher gave me today as kind of homework from now. Hmmm. It seems that the class will become difficult tomorrow…Sigh I’m wondering if I can follow the class…


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