One Sunday

      Today’s lunch: rice (small), boiled spinach, boiled sardines with soy sauce, and miso soup. They were 557 yen in total. I had lunch at a Japanese restaurant chain again. It’s not the same restaurant where I went to on Friday. Hmmm, healthy!

     After lunch, I went to a shopping mall in Kiyosu on a kind of duty. It was my first time to visit there. I was surprised to see something when I entered the shopping mall. I found a wall which consisted of hexagonal bricks.

     That was Spain pavilion’s at Expo. I thought I’d heard that a shopping mall bought some of those hexagonal bricks from Spain pavilion after Expo. I didn’t know that the shopping mall which had bought the bricks was the one which I was in. I felt a little bit happy.

     While I was on my way home, I saw the word “sale”. I have a weak spot for the word very much. I headed for the letters although I didn’t know what the shop was selling.

     “Is this a shop?” I thought. The building didn’t look like a shop. It was more like a warehouse with an office. But there was big cloth written the word “Sale” in front of the building.

     When I was getting closer, a woman came out of the building and said, “Welcome! I’ll show you inside.” I followed her half in doubt. This is a shop really?

     Yes. It was a shop. They sell Bali’s furniture mainly. There were lots of other goods, for example, baskets, batik, table wares and so on, too. I bought a tablecloth and two paper weights, which were in the shape of a gecko or a newt. I’m going to wear the tablecloth as a muffler.


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  1. いつも僕のブログに沢山のコメントありがとう。テーブルクロスをマフラーに・・・!? 僕は27歳になりましたが、寒い日にはストールを巻いております。 長くて大きくて便利ですもんね。

  2. Hi Kenny, thank you for your comment. Yeah, it’s good to use a tablecloth as a muffler. Today I wore the one I had bought yesterday. Have a nice business trip to Shanghai!

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