Healthy? Tasty?


     Rice (small), miso soup, boiled mackerel with soy sauce,boiled hijiki -a kind of edible seaweed- with soy sauce and wakame -another seaweed- salad were 694 yen in all.

     Those are I had for lunch today. As one of Japanese food restaurant chains opened near my apartment last month, I tried their food with a friend of mine today.

     Not bad. Lunches that many restaurants offer are often greasy and heavy and have few vegetables but too much calories. You can have more healthy food at the Japanese restaurant. Probably, that is the reason why I saw many senior citizens having lunch there.

     However, there’s a problem. You cannot have coffee there. That’s why we had to move to another place for coffee after lunch. We went to a café, which is located near the university I have taken for 4 years, and had some coffee and cake there. Cake! Yes, I have had one because the café has a lot of handsome sweets. They tempted me!

     I had healthy low-calorie lunch, but I had tasty high-calorie cake…


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