Lovely Ladies


     When I came back home after the Spanish lesson today I found a big envelope in my letter box. It was a brochure of the course description of a university for non-undergraduate adult students. I have taken classes there for 4 years. If I were an undergraduate there, I would have graduated from the university this spring. ;-p 

     Many people who are not undergraduates study at the university. As recently many universities have had open courses for adults, I can study at different places and make many friends.

     In this evening, I was talking to a lady, who I had met at those courses, about this year’s courses on the phone. It seems that she’s going to apply for some English courses, theology and sociology this year. She’s in her 50’s. I respect her vitality!

     As the phone rang again after hanging it up, I thought it was she. I was very surprised, however, at the voice who was speaking. It was another lady in her 60’s who I had met in an English class.

     “Where are you?” That is the first I said when I recognized her. She called me from Brisbane, Australia! I’ve known it!

     She is now studying English at a language school in Brisbane every day, staying at her daughter’s apartment. Her daughter is going to get married with an Aussie soon. So she seems to enjoy studying and spending time with her daughter there.

     According to her, somehow she cannot email with her hotmail address. She would have liked to know residential addresses of some people and mine. She happened to have a memo with my phone number, and was able to call me. She seems to apply for the same teacher’s class which she took last year. She’s supposed to stay in Brisbane for three months. I respect her as well!

     Like this, many people encourage me to keep on studying. Hmmm. What shall I do? I’m now wondering which courses to take this year.


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