I feel strangely dull today (maybe always?). I’ve been sleepy since this morning when I got up. I need to study Spanish because I have a lesson tomorrow. But I am not studying it now. I’m drinking instead. Oh no!

     I found shochu, a kind of spirits in Japan, named Saro at a grocery store near my apartment today. Saro is written tea and dew in Chinese character. It’s brewed from rice and green tea.

     I’ve heard of the alcohol from a hairdresser, who belongs to a hair salon where I always go, before. He likes shochu, especially one named Shiro, which means white in Japanese, and this Saro. According to him, you can seldom get Saro near here. It was true. I hadn’t seen Saro until today. It was 1400yen. Hmm, expensive!

     The bottle is very beautiful clear green color which suggests Japanese green tea to you. At first I thought the liquid was green because green tea had been included in the ingredients, but it was colorless as water. I was a little bit disappointed.

     I had expected the smell of green tea, but it smelled like the other rice shochu. It tasted mild. Today I mixed the shochu with hot water, but I’m going to mix it with green tea next time because the brewery recommends on the label.

     Ah…I have to be studying Spanish now…Sigh…


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