Where is my wallet?


     I wondered where my wallet was when I got off the bus in Hoshigaoka today. I learn English from a beautiful Australian lady with a friend of mine in Motoyama on Tuesdays. I was heading for her apartment at that time. I found a vacant seat of benches in the bus terminal and rummaged through my pack there.

     No! I left my wallet at home! I was able to get on the bus because I had a prepaid card named Yurika, with which you can take the bus and the subway in Nagoya.

   What shall I do? I thought for a moment. I can go to Motoyama and can come back home with Yurika. But of course, I cannot pay my teacher for the fee…I don’t have that time to hesitate if I take her lesson.

     I went down the steps to the subway station after deciding to tell my situation to her and to get permission from her to pay today’s fee next lesson. It was very kind of her! I was able to take her lesson today.

     Sad to say, I couldn’t have some coffee with the friend after the lesson because I had to go right home.

     Anyway, I was very shocked today. I have never done such thing before. Oh, no! Am I getting senile?


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