Harry Potter


     I’m now reading a book named Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It is an English book. But I’m not reading it in English. I’m reading it in Japanese. I mean that I translate it into Japanese.

     Why do I do such thing? One of my friends is a great fan of Harry Potter series. I like the series although I’m not as much as she does. I translate the story into Japanese and email it to her because of sharing our impressions. She cannot read English books. The Japanese edition of the book I’m translating hasn’t released yet. It’ll appear in May.

     Oh, no! Formal Japanese versions will come out before I finish translating the whole story unless I speed up my rate of work! The sixth number has thirty chapters and I’m now in the chapter twelve. How long have I translated the book? Sigh…

     In my opinion as an English learner, translating into Japanese is nothing but an obstacle to think in English. To tell the truth, I don’t want to translate thing. It’s easier to read the book without translating. You need another skill to describe the whole story in Japanese. It’s nothing to be good at learning English.

     Still I keep on translating. I’d like to talk to the friend about the story. So if the Japanese versions come out, my effort will be in vain! I have to rush through this work!


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