The World Heritage


     I don’t watch TV so much because there haven’t been many programs which interest me recently. But I have a TV program which I watch every Sunday. It’s The World Heritage. I’ve seen the program since the narrator was Naoto Ogata. After him, Akira Terao had been the narrator until last autumn. And Joe Odagiri has been the narrator since then.

     Now the screen of the TV is showing scenery in Sweden, and the voice which I’m hearing is Joe’s. Both of the picture and the voice are quiet.

     One of the reasons why I like the program is the quietness. I’d like to relax at the time when an old week is going and a new week is coming.

    While the narrator was Akira Terao, somehow I could hardly watch the program. Whenever I watched the program, I fell asleep. Probably, I couldn’t keep stay awake because of the voice of Akira Terao. I have never felt sleepy while watching the program since the narrator changed to Joe Odagiri so far.

     The other reasons why I like the program are the beauty of pictures and the sound effects, and the style of editing it. I also like the title music.

     Anyway, the program finished. A new week has begun.


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  1. うんうん、俺もアレ系の番組好きですよ。小さな宇宙船地球号とかも好きだなぁ。

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