Sisay at Expo 2005


     I didn’t go out today. I lay around at home doing nothing, waiting for something. I received an email yesterday and it said that they sent a set of CDs and a DVD which I had ordered on the Internet the other day.

     Yes. I was waiting for the CDs and the DVD all day long. 

     The CDs and the DVD are an Ecuadorian group named Sisay’s. The first time I encountered them was at Expo in Aichi last year. I went to Expo about 40 times, and I usually visited Andes Pavilion. Somehow whenever I was in the pavilion, they most often performed. That’s why I had many opportunities to listen to their folklore music.

      I saw their stages sometimes shot here and there at Expo. Those stages were edited and became a DVD. And at last the DVD was released on the 1st of February. 

     For the CDs I bought were a set of two discs of their best albums named Best of Sisay. One of the discs’ titles is Ecuador and another one is Andes. I haven’t listened to them yet. I’m going to sit back and enjoy it later on. 

     I watched the DVD as soon as I got it. It seemed as if I was at Andes Pavilion. The DVD brought me back those hot days last summer.


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