Sleep on the Ground! Zoo Officials Surprised!


        I tried to translate an article, which had been on the newspaper named Chunichi Shimbun on Monday of the 30th January, into English because the story interested me.

        A koala in Higashiyama Zoo, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, surprises the zoo keepers by its strange behavior. Normally, koalas are known to live high up on the trees, however, the koala in Higashiyama goes down to the ground at night and curls itself up, then sleeps there. Sometimes, it is fast asleep sprawled. According to the zoo, it’s rare that even Koalas which are raised by human sleep on the ground. 

       This koala is male and three and half years old, named Aoi. He was born in a zoo named Awaji Farm Park in Minami-Awaji, Hyogo prefecture in August, 2002. And then he came to Higashiyama Zoo in October, 2004. He is always calm and very coward. 

       He started acting oddly and boldly right after arriving at Higashiyama zoo. One day a keeper found Aoi curled himself up on the ground when he checked the surveillance monitor, and gasped.” I had never seen a koala acting such thing before!” There are other 8 koalas in the zoo, but they have never slept on the ground. 

      First, Aoi slept on the ground only about 30 minutes, but his sleeping time on the ground is getting longer and longer, at last he slept on the ground 7 hours this month! 

        As he sleeps at the same place, a little pit, which shapes into his hip, was formed on the ground. 

       Koalas usually spend most of their time on the trees, go down to the ground only about 15 to 20 minutes a day. 

      “It’s no way to sleep on the ground for Koalas. If they sleep on the ground, they’ll get attacked by their enemies in the wild. I’m wondering if he is free from fear, or he doesn’t like the angle of the trees… I don’t know.” said Mr. Yasunobu Tojima, his keeper. 

       Mr. Tojima called and asked Awaji Farm Park, where Aoi was born, but according
to them, he had never slept on the ground there. The mystery hasn’t been solved yet. 

       Since Aoi usually sleeps on the ground past midnight until around 6 o’ clock in the morning, visitors cannot observe it. They are now thinking if they can show “his strange act” to visitors by the video in the zoo.


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  1. はじめまして。英語を5年も・・・スゴイ頑張ってますね。僕は2000年前後にアメリカの大学に交換留学に行ってました。日本にいて英語を使う機会がないってのは留学して戻ってきた人のほとんどが感じるので分かります。一時はTOEFLで588点を取りましたが、今では日常会話が精一杯!?やっぱり使わないと忘れちゃいますよ・・・。だから英語で文章を書くという試みをしてるってスゴイいい事だと思いますよ。是非とも僕みたいに忘れないように頑張って続けて下さ~い。

  2. Hi Kenshin!
    Thank you for coming and leaving a coment! I’m so happy!Wow! You have studied abroad! I have just visited Canada and Australia.Both of trips were only one week. I cannot speak even daily conversation.I’m better at writing than speaking, you know… Anyway, come again, please!

  3. こんにちは、もしもしもさんって、すごいライティングの能力をお持ちですね。
    今日のMY BLOGでは、私論を長々と書いてしまいましたが、いつもはこんなに長くはないです。
    You also encourage me ! See again!

  4. Hi Aki! Thank you for the compliment…You know, I have to rely on the dictionary when I write in English and I can take time…Anyway, I’m really happy to see you again here. Of course, I’ll add YOU to my mixi! Thank you! For my Spanish…sigh…_| ̄|○

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