New month has started.


     February has starts. The first morning in this new month brought me a headache and dizziness.

      At the time when I opened my eyes, the ceiling was warping. I wasn’t about to sit up because I had also terrible head ache and nausea.

      I had to attend a meeting, but I couldn’t even stand up. I gave a lady a phone call and told her that I wouldn’t show up.

      After some painkillers, I dozed. Then I thought I heard someone shouting. A man’s loud voice said, “Sagawa Kyubin desu!” I jumped out of bed and went to the door tottering.

      It’s about time! An electric dictionary which I had ordered on the Internet last week came to me at last! Seiko SR-V4700ES and Spanish SILUCA-Red! I was looking for a dictionary English-Spanish and Spanish-English. Then I have to study Spanish more…

      Anyway, I wish my headache and nausea disappear ASAP!


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  1. こんにちは、mixiでもお世話になってます。AKIと申します。ハンドル名が違いますが、ご了承ください。

  2. Hi, Mr-Gazette (AKI)! Thank you for coming!
    Your comments always encourage me!
    l’ll visit your site sometimes. Please come again!

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